The EnviraPod, the first 100% self powered, zero footprint home.



Who will want an EnviraPod?


1/ Technically sophisticated early adopters who are in the market for a structure to place in their environments.

2/ People who can afford to indulge in the ultimate expression of freedom.

3/ Survivalists and individuals/groups who are pioneering future ways of living in harmony with their environments.

4/ Governments and institutions for social response situations as well as remote or temporary housing facilities.

5/ People who want to make a difference in the environmental equation, the same people that choose
    environmentally friendly vehicles and organic produce.

6 /People who want the security that having an independent, self sufficient and sustainable shelter can bring.

7/ Anyone who wants a secondary structure on their property and does not want to invest in the
     supply infrastructure to support it. The suburban housing market is a focus for this potential.

EnviraPods are modular, and can be connected together to create larger interior spaces, from 200 square foot
footprints to 800 square foot and larger footprints.

EnviraPods can be transported anywhere, and placed in locations that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Our unique transportation methods allow EnviraPods to be moved and removed from any space


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