A new concept for how to live in Harmony with this modern world.




    The idea of the EnviraPod is to take the state of the art systems that now exist, and integrate
     them into a single form and complete housing solution that provides you with...
     Freedom      The EnviraPod is a completely self contained, zero footprint home, it is not
                            necessary to be connected to any public utilities, and no sewer/
                            septic systems are required.

     Security       Since the
EnviraPods and its systems are completely self contained,
                            it can be used in emergency situations or where normal utilities
                            do not exist.

EnviraPod frees people in powerfull ways from the shackles of  our
                           modern lifestyles, in the same way that the internet and iphone freed people.
                           All of the elements necessary to live a modern life in a modern world are included.
EnviraPod's dictate that form follow function results in a harmonious
                           blending of capability and comfort in a customizable micro footprint.

These structures can be transported virtually anywhere, and can be placed within hours,
                           They can be used for a vast variety of purposes, such as a pool house,
                           a guest house, a nature cabin, coastal retreat  or a disaster relief solution.

     Continuity    All systems are designed and built to last indefinitely, just maintain the systems
                           as recommended.
EnviraPod integrates perfectly into a natural, organic environment and lifestyle.


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