Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                                                     

1. What happens if you run out of water?
    Your Epod is equipped with a fill line that can be hooked up to a DC powered 12 volt well pump. Additionally you can have potable water delivered. If you are near a stream or lake you can pump it from there(Further water tests will be required in this situation). In municipalities that have town or city water pipes, you can use their water as a back up to rain water collection.


2. What if it is cloudy for a week?
    The battery array is equipped to power your house for 10 days without direct sunlight.

3. What is the maintenance required for this type of unit?
    Besides checking the filters every month, there really is no more maintenance required for this house than any other house.

4. What are the requirements concerning codes?
    The Epod is very versatile in this respect. We construct on two types of bases. The first is set on a permanent chassis very similar to that of a conventional manufactured home. This type of houses falls under federally regulated codes that govern the very process put in place to construct your home in the factory or on site. The second type is set on a base that is independent of the chassis therefor requiring a permanent foundation to be set on. This type of modular construction needs to pass the same set of codes as a regular stick built construction. Our homes satisfy both theses codes!

5. How do I know if I can put this on my property?
    Every town has their own set of zoning codes which our staff could handle in the purchase of your Epod.

6. You cant really get a large structure up my driveway. How can we get this to the area on my property where I want it?
   Our transport trailer is equipped to maneuver in tight and rugged situations, but if need be our units can be craned in or even helicoptered in.

7. Can I connect an Epod to my house?
   Most definitely! Imagine a place to go when your power goes out. Or if you just want a additional apartment type situation for a family member of friend.

8. Can you connect Epods together?
    Yes, they are designed to be put together but this must be determined prior to installation. To add on to an e pod after it has left the factory will be difficult. It is very possible to do but more on site adjustments will need to be made.

9. How long does it take to make an e pod?

10. Can I use the technology you have developed to retrofit my current house i live in.?
    Yes. This phase of our business is still developing and we will have skilled technicians that will be able to turn your home into a full or partially off the grid house.

11. What do I do about heat?
    There is a very small amount of base board heat associated with each unit. You will have the option of additional heat sources such as pellet and wood burning stoves and heat pumps.

12. Do I need a septic?
   No. We equip our units with the latest innovations in septic free toilet systems. Gray water is conditioned through a filtration system prior to leaving the unit. you do have the option of hooking up to a septic of sewer system if you so desire.

13. Can I have a washer and dryer?
   Yes. you can have all the comforts that you would have in a regular home.

14. Do you use formaldehyde in your homes?

15. What is your warranty?
   Manufacturers warranty on equipment and 5 year structural warranty on the home itself.

16. Do you provide financing?
    We can direct you to the proper financing institutions. in the future we will be hosting in house financing.

17. What is your support like if something fails?
    We have a full technical support team at your disposal.

18. If I move can I take it with me?
   Yes. These are made to be moved, multiple times if desired.       


 19. Can i return it if i don't like it?
   As with any home sale all sales are final so we encourage you to visit our demo unit.



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