Enviragen exists to offer you a new choice in how to live in Harmony with your Environment.


That new choice is the EnviraPod, a home that can be placed anywhere, a home that is 100% naturally
self powered by the world around us.



What is included with an EnviraPod?


      1/  State of the art Solar panel DC power generation system with fully protected 12 volt whole  house wiring harness.
               Best in class Sharp 240 watt monocrystalline solar panels and mated Outback MPPT charge controller,

          2/  Completely protected and grounded DC breaker box system with whole house cutoff.

          3/  Unique 12volt power outlet system with multiple intelligent outlets, some with USB inputs placed
               ergonomically throughout the EnviraCube.

          4/  Optional Integrated hi speed access to Internet, television and telephone services.

          5/  Customized Appliance packages can include Internet, Audio/video Entertainment systems with integrated
               speaker systems, Kitchen appliance packages and Bathroom fixtures packages including composting
               toilet and hot and cold water shower system.

          6/  LED home lighting system with dimming indoor ceiling spotlights, integrated bedroom reading
                lights and outdoor spotlights on both entrances.

          7/  Unique water collection and storage solution with built in triple filtration system including uv element.

          8/  Heated water generation and storage system.

          9/ 12 volt Heating pad system to maintain temperature environment in water/battery storage compartment.

          10/  Optional EnviraPod HVAC systems for use in suitable climates.

          11/  Optional Electric vehicle/appliance charging capabilities.

              These mini Super homes are the next generation in housing, they can be put anywhere, no hookups needed.
              All of the systems in the Envirapod are constructed of state-of-the art  materials, built to rigorous standards
                                                and if maintained as recommended, are made to last  indefinitely.
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